Thursday, 23 February 2017

Dash Button Update (How to change the battery)

Well it finally happened! After only about a month my Dash battery died!  I got the red light of death!!

Since I can't get these easily or cheaply since I don't live in a dash "friendly" area I decided to see if I can put new batteries in...

I took my utility knife in it's shortest blade form as to not touch the board inside and cut and pushed along the seam, after a little cutting it was clear it had broken free enough to put my blade under it and wedge it up.  The bottom popped off cleanly! Yay!

The second one did not come apart as nicely, but it eventually yielded and I was able to get at the battery without damaging the unit.

I removed an replaced the AAA battery and now I'm getting a red error light like it's not registered....
I ran the Amazon app and got it to go through registration (even with my prime subscription over) it still worked just fine, except it would fail at registering.. Then I remembered I had it blocked from the internet, so I removed that temporarily so it could talk to Amazon's server and, bam It's back to normal again!!  I can even almost get the case to "snap" shut, though it will never be perfect again..

UPDATE: I had to change the batteries again and go through setup again... I was trying ot figure out how to do this without having to re-configure the WiFi settings and it turns out you can pull and replace the battery without it loosing anything.  The problem seems to arise when the device boots in a low battery condition and you get the "red light of death" instead of the happy white light.  I started logging clicks so I can tell approximately how many I get from a battery and I will add a low battery message to tell me to check the battery before it goes dead.

Things to note:
- WiFi settings seem to be on battery backed ram, not fash.. If you want to keep your WiFi settings keep the juice flowing while you change the battery, otherwise prepare to go through setup again
- Make sure you change the batteries before you get the read light of death or your settings will be erased
- Opening the case is less difficult that I thought it would be, just be careful as there are bits and bobs around the edges, don't go too deep
- The top half with the button is mounted to the PCB with screws I believe, the bottom is just a big empty shell and they will separate as the score line (where the clip attaches)
- The clip will probably never work again after you open it and you will need to tape it back together, it doesn't snap back together in any meaningful way.

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