Monday, 28 August 2017

HRV Hijinks and other quick projects

This will be a pretty short post since this isn't really much of a hack and there isn't much to it...

I got a new LifeBreath HRV and the wall control left a little to be desired, and I am too cheap to spend $100 on a digital one WTF is in there you could get a cheap 7" tablet for less than $100 but I digress.

Anyway my control lacked a easy way to set high speed mode and has no timer whatsoever. I had a spare relay on my Pi from my X10 resetter project so I wired the ON and HIGH lines into it and created a MQTT control program which would switch the relay on and off after a specified period of time.  The code is pretty simple but if you want a copy just leave a comment.

Another thing I did was got a few Amazon Echo Dots.  I have an existing web API I can call with commands so I just setup Fauxmo to emulate Wemo devices and I can now control all my automation stuff through Alexa.

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