Sunday, 3 December 2017

Nanoleaf Aurora

This is what I would call a Smart Decoration! This is one of the coolest lighting products I have seen.

I got this from Best Buy during black Friday for a really good price.

The kit includes the WiFi module, a Rhythm add on module, the power adapter, a bunch of 3M removable command strips, 9 panel linkers, and 9 panels each of which are slightly bigger than the average hand.

The system supports up to 32 (I believe) panel so you can expand as you like.  Each panel has 3 points at which you can install a linker so you can build and design yours to look almost any way you'd like. The app even has a design mode where you can make a virtual layout of any number of panels.

Each panel can be any color and the brightness can be adjusted from 1-100% and it works with Alexa out of the box.

The app is extremely over engineered and give you options for having solid colors or creating moving patterns of your choice of colors, or different effects going to the beat of music with the included Rhythm module.

The colors are so vibrant and bright I cannot get an accurate picture or video of the thing, you just have to see it in person to really appreciate it.   It can make a nice reading light and it acts as a piece of new age smart artwork that can spice up any wall and blend in with your decor.

I really love this thing and I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a cool gadget that's both fun and functional.   The list price for the kit is a little steep but it does go on sale regularly.

Now for the geeky part! (OK more geeky part)

Unlike many other vendors that try and keep developers out Nanoleaf is 100% on board with developers and has a full open API out for anyone interested in developing for it.

There is this Python module.
And the official API docs from the vendor.

The API uses JSON over HTTP on port 16021.

You have to hold the power button on the device and request a token ID to be granted access to the API, but that only needs to happen once and you will be granted full access with that key until you decide to revoke it.

Not only can you get and set the power, brightness, color and effect states, you can also build your own animations, find out how the panels are laid out (so you can graphically represent them if you want to)

It's very easy to work with the API and integrate it into any existing automation system you have.


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  2. Those sound kind of neat, I'll probably take a look at them at some point.